SolidRoche Disjonktation special

Solid Roche METAL !!!
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An hommage to the SolidRock (kind of an Headbangers Ball but in french) heavy metal tv show that was aired at Musique Plus. Simon Lacroix take de role of Paul LeRaisin and interview the death metal band Disjonktation in their rehearsal room. (In french)

Staring : Simon Lacroix, Mike Waters and Disjonktation
Video editing: Syl Disjonk
Music : Disjonktation and Slayer (without permission)

2005, 6 minutes

This short movie got some ultra obscure reference about some unknown crap.


Mike Waters & Simon Lacroix as Paul LeRaisin
Mike Waters & Simon Lacroix
as Paul LeRaisin

Click here to watch SolidRoche Disjonktation special

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