Motion graphics, After Effects, VFX, Television and cinema graphic design, compositing - Montreal

Graphic animation, Animated Visual Layout, Compositing in Montreal

Professional postproduction, motion graphics, animated visual layout  and compositing services in Montreal.

Graphic design for television, animated titles, flying logos, credits, animated introductions, and digital special effets.

I’ve worked for Montreal production companies such as Dbcom and Pixcom. Notably for 5 seasons of the serie Waterfront cities of the world (TV5), Arrière Scène (nominated at Gemeaux for best graphics), Rio Tinto corporate videos and many many more.

For any projects, please contact me.

Animation graphique / Motion graphics / post production / VFX / After Effects : Syl Disjonk, Montréal, Québec, Canada from Syl Disjonk on Vimeo.