Granby, Quebec ,Canada -based
video artist, motiongrapher,
graphic designer

About Syl Disjonk

After earning a degree in Fine Arts and multimedia at St-Foy College, Syl Disjonk underwent training in computer graphics, television and cinema in Quebec City.
He directs surrealistic, fantastic and sometime psychotronic films for which he received several prizes from festivals all around the world. His most recent piece, entitled Ethereal Chrysalis, is a personal creation he wrote, directed and handled postproduction. This film provides Syl Disjonk with an opportunity to travel worldwide.

In the wake of Ethereal Chrysalis, legendary metal act Voivod reached for his artistic vision to visualize their track Kluskap O'Kom.
He works for Montreal-based production studios such as DBcom, PARCE QUE FILMS and Pixcom. His expertise in graphic animation can be seen in series like Ports d'attache (aired on TV5) and Arrière Scène (nominated for best graphics at the Gémeaux in 2015). His talent is also present in corporate videos for clients such as Rio Tinto, Cascades and many more. 

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Syl Disjonk - FilmVidéaste, designer graphique, infographiste, artiste et web designer créatif à Montréal