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October 2008

ZORDAX 2 and Voivod tribute in France

My post apocalyptic short film ZORDAX II The Metal War and my Voivod tribute video We Are Connected will be screened on Saturday October 11th 2008 at the event and exhibition "Décharge Nucléaire / Nuclear Discharge" from the La Mouche Noire collective at Atypik gallery
(15 des Korrigans street 56 530 Gestel France).

Zordax 2 : The Metal War posters and an advance cover artwork for the thrash metal Bomnation will be displayed at the nuclear themed exhibition.
More details on the La Mouche Noire collective website (in french)

Nuclear discharge


July 2008

Voivod tribute video at Fantasia

My tribute video to the legedary heavy metal band Voivod will be screened Sunday July 20th at 1PM at Fantasia Festival in Montreal as part of the Quebec DIY short film program. Théâtre DB Clarke 1455 de Maisonneuve West (Metro Guy)

June 2008

ZORDAX II at Vitesse Lumière

My post apocalyptic short film Zordax II The Metal War will be screened Wednesday June 11th at 8PM at the Temps Partiel bar as part of the best of program at Vitesse Lumière festival in Québec city, QC, Canada.

May 2008

Voïvod tribute video - We Are CONNECTED at Montreal Underground Film Festival

My tribute video for the metal band Voivod : We Are Connected will be screened at Montreal Underground Film Festival friday May 16th at 10:30 PM at the MAIN HALL (5390, boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal) as part of Scary Monsters and Super Freaks program.

See the complete schedule on the Montreal Underground Film Festival website.

February 2008

My post-apocalyptic short film ZORDAX II THE METAL WAR will be screened on two occasion in March :

Sunday March 2nd 2008, 7 PM, free entrance at bar Les Pas sages au 951 Rachel Est, Montréal, QC, Canada. More than a dozen sci-fi, horror and fantastic short film will be screened. The event is organize by Gruesome Nonsense productions for the premiere of their Filière 13 short film.

Saturday March 8th 2008, 8 PM, official launching party of SOLEIL NOIR (post- apocalyptic live action role-playing game) at the KATACOMBES bar 1222 St-Laurent, Montreal, QC, Canada. 7$.

List of the shorts films presented:

  • Zombie Poker
    of Danny Richer-Desjardins
  • Closer to God
    of Benedikt Beck, Jonas Hoffmann et Simeon Johnke (Germany)
  • Zordax II: La guerre du métal
    of Syl Disjonk
  • Fertilia
    of Serge et Pierre-Etienne Bordeleau
  • Homo Finalis
    of Yannis Cacaux (France)
  • La zombie family
    of Carnior
  • Voleurs d'eau
    of Sébastien Elias

Rock n' roll hardcore band live : Social Revolver

More details:


December 2007

My post apocalyptic short film ZORDAX II The Metal War will be screened on December 22nd at the MAO LIVE as part of the New Beijing International Movie Festival in China.

New Beijing International Festival

November 2007

My post apocalyptic short film ZORDAX II The Metal War will be screened on November 22nd at 11PM as part of the Night of the Crypts program at the Filmets International Festival of Badalona in Spain.


September 2007

VOIVOD tribute video online

You can now watch the Voivod tribute video that I directed for the induction of Denis "Piggy" D'Amour into the Quebec Metal Hall of Fame on September 1st.

Voivod tribute video Click here to watch the Voivod tribute video

August 2007

VOIVOD tribute video

I'm currently working on a short tribute video for the ultimate metal band VOIVOD.

It's an honor for me to say the least to work on this project, since it's my all time favorite band and that I'm inspired alot by the artworks from their drummer Away.

It will be screened at the Club Soda (1225 St-Laurent, Montréal, QC, Canada) on saturday September 1st as part of the PIGGY's 'Quebec Metal Hall Of Fame' Induction.

The induction will take place as part of "1982 – 2007: 25 ans Métal Québécois", a three-day festival celebrating 25 years of Quebec metal, set to take place August 31 - September 2, 2007 at Club Soda. The tribute/induction will be presented in three parts:

1) Video produced by Syl Disjonk.

2) A few people, including Snake, will speak about Denis.

3) Musical medley arranged and performed by Blacky and guitarist Dan Mongrain (MARTYR). The medley will consist of excerpts from VOIVOD's five albums released during the '80s.

D'Amour died August 26, 2005 in a Montreal hospital from complications of advanced colon cancer.

Notice that on the same night the cult band from Quebec city Soothsayer will do their first concert in 17 years !! The night will be closed by none other than DBC !!

For more information, go to

ZORDAX II review

The website specialized in post-apocalyptic movie as reviewed my short film ZORDAX II THE METAL WAR.

Click here to read the ZORDAX II review on the website.

SPASM Science-Fiction Vol.1 - DVD

My post-apocalyptic short film ZORDAX II LA GUERRE DU MÉTAL is part of the SPASM Science-Fiction Vol.1. DVD compilation.

You can order the DVD on the Archambault and Amazon website.

Back from Europe

Report from the ZORDAX II THE METAL WAR european premiere at the Mauvais Genre Festival in France and the Switzerland 2300 Plan 9 Festival surprise screening...

Festival Mauvais Genre Starslyderz à Mauvais Genre Maya, Paul, Gary, Ray et Syl Rougeurs de l'espace ! 2300 Plan 9 Les Étrange Nuits du Cinéma Nathalie, Mortimer et Maya Robert Nicoud

European Premiere

My post apocalyptic science fiction short film ZORDAX II The Metal War will have it's European Premiere at the Mauvais Genre festival at Tours in France on April 7th 2007


The Nourriture / Disjonktation split cd is
NOW available.

I was the bass player for Disjonktation and I have designed the cd cover artwork. If you like over the top grind and death metal you will be pleased !

you can buy the CD on the Prodisk website or at Profusion "Le Metalstore" 1843 Ontario street east, Montréal (QC).

More info :

Nourriture Disjonktation


February 2007

ZORDAX II La Guerre du Métal
at the Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois

My short post apocalyptic movie ZORDAX II La guerre du Métal will be screened on saturday February 24th at 9h45 PM at La Cinématèque Québécoise.

Back from Tromadance 2007

TRomadance was a blast ! Click here to read my article about Tromadance 2007 ...

Lloyd Kaufman et Syl Disjonk
Lloyd Kaufman founder of Tromadance & Syl Disjonk

January 17th 2007

ZORDAX II at TROMADANCE date confirm

My post apocalyptic short film Zordax II : La Guerre du Métal will have his U.S. Premiere at the TROMADANCE festival on :

Wednesday, January 24th, 11h PM

Brewvies Cinema Pub :
677 South 200 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
It's FREE !
For more info about the festival :

More info about my short post nuclear movie.

January 12th 2007


My post apocalyptic short film Zordax II : La Guerre du Métal will be screened at the TROMADANCE festival in Park City/Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. The festival goes from january 22nd to 27th. The exact date of this US premiere is yet to be confirm.

It's an honnor for me, Troma is an institution in independant cinema. They made the classic Toxic the Avenger in 1985 !

to cheer it up, I made a new poster for Zordax II La Guerre du Métal
(aka Zordax II The Metal War)

Zordax II post apocalyptic short film


November 2006

I added the cd cover artwork for the Nourriture / Disjonktation Split CD that will be available in december 2006 on the PRODISK metal label. I used to play bass in Disjonktation in 2005.

Nourriture Disjonktation Nourriture Disjonktation

mise à jour de la section infographie
design graphique :
Nourriture Disjonktation split CD Zordax II : La Guerre du Métal Logo Spell of Sorrow Art pochette de cd

Mise à jour de la section de
design de site internet :
Fresque murale l'art de Julie Bernier Les Névrosées boutique de vêtements rock, rétro, punk à Montréal Sculpture Michel Lepire Simon Lacroix

Syl Disjonk Otober 2006

ZORDAX II THE METAL WAR will be screened in original french version on November 1st at the Café Cléopâtre in Montréal as part of a short films selection called UN GENRE DE 5 à 7 at the SPASM festival in collaboration with Vitesse Lumière.

Café Cléopâtre
1230, Saint-Laurent, Montreal,
Corner St-Laurent and St-Catherine
Doors open at 5 PM, films at 5:45 PM
5 $ taxes include

More details about ZORDAX II THE METAL WAR here

The complete film list is available
on the SPASM website (in french)

Carnior DVD-launching at Spasm

Right after the UN GENRE de 5 à 7 event, still at the Café Cléopâtre, it's the Carnior DVD-Launching.

Short films from Carnior will be screened and AIR GUITAR HEROES (with Carnior, Simon Lacroix and Syl Disjonk (this time without Mike Waters because he is once more touring in Japan)) will perform a short set.

Novembre 1st
Doors : 8:15 PM
Screening : 9 PM h
5$ taxes include

Plus de détails sur site de SPASM

Syl Disjonk August 2006

The english dubbed version of my short post nuclear movie Zordax II : The Metal War as been recorded. Actor, director and friend Matthew Saliba as given is voice to both Zordax and Dr Cergum.

Me and Pasquipaz added some extra barbarian voices screaming KILL.

All track were recorded by Pasquipaz and will be mixed very soon.

More info about my post apocalytic short movie ZORDAX II : The Metal War.

Syl Disjonk July 22 2006

My post nuclear short film "Zordax II : La guerre du MÉTAL" will be screened at FANTASIA in Montreal on saturday July 22 at 3 pm at J.A. De Seve as part of the Short Film Programs : Festival Vitesse Lumière 2006.

Syl Disjonk July 13 2006

My post nuclear short movie "Zordax II : La Guerre du Métal" will be screened at Zeke gallery on July 13 at 9h30 PM.

Presented by Slaughterhouse cinema the main event will be 'Metalstorm: The Scandinavian Black Metal Wars' Canadian Premiere.

The showing will be preceeded by three black metal videos directed by Pat Tremblay (ROSTRUM's "The Lust of Raping your God" and "I'll be Saved" plus BODYSERPENT's "Ruler"). Short films by Kenneth Thomas ("Stethoscope") and Syl Disjonk ("Zordax 2: La Guerre Du Métal") will also be part of the night's program.

Zordax II : La guerre du MÉTAL will also be screened at FANTASIA in Montreal on saturday July 22 at 3 pm.

Syl Disjonk's news, June 13 2006


Syl Disjonk et son prix Météor, Vitesse Lumière 2006The world premiere of Zordax II : The Metal War at the Québec Vitesse Lumière festival was a great success. Zordax II shared with Allan Brown’s surrealist film Donkey Harvest the Metéore people’s choice award for the friday night official selection and also a special Metéore award for best movie starting with the letter Z.

The main actors Mike Waters, Tolga Karaer, charming actresses Cathia Deland, Arianne St-Jacques Fournier and extra Hans Gauthier (Chernobyl Cha-Cha / Tranzistor Bop) and main composer of the movie soundtrack were present at the premiere night.

Vitesse Lumière 2006 was a tremendous success and a great opportunity to party with main actor Mike Waters, actor and collaborateur Carnior who also was the festival presenter, Éric Bilodeau (SFX collaborator), Thierry Bouffard (Zordax main cameraman) and extra Simon Lacroix and host of a afterhours party for which I recall a few flashbacks.

Carnior, Tekniro et Syl Disjonk prix Météore Vitesse Lumière 2006The movie will be presented in Montreal (July) for a Vitesse Lumière special during the Fantasia festival. Check out the website for further details and screening dates.

Many thanks to the Vitesse Lumière crew and everyone who took time to check out the event!



News : 6.6.6


Friday June 9 2006, World premiere of my Post Nuclear short film entitled ZORDAX II : The Metal War for the VITESSE LUMIÈRE festival at the Musée de la Civilisation – 85, Dalhousie Street, Québec,
QC, Canada.

This movie is located in a post apocalyptic future starring MIKE WATERS (the good guy), TOLGA KARAER (ZORDAX) et CHRISTO LEPOVSKY (Dr Cergume) with special guest stars Cathia Deland, Hans Gauthier
and Carnior.

Cameras were handled by Thierry Bouffard and Carnior. They gave me lots of help during shooting. The film soundtrack was produced by Hans Gauthier (Chernobyl Cha-Cha/ Tranzistor Bop), Manhattan Love Suicides and  Pasquipaz who also handled
sound editing.

Costumes were furnished by Valérie Gagnon-Hamel. The outrageous laboratory machines of Dr Cergume were nicely lended by Dominique Engel. We can also see some props furnished by Painter and Scuplter
Jean Pronovost

Éric Bilodeau who’s a reference in post production also contributed to  special effects also that I was also greatly involved. 

It’s from far my biggest personal project yet !





News : May 4 2006

Émergence at Slaughter House Cinema in Montréal

Cinéma AbattoirMy short movie Émergence will be screened at Slaughter House Cinema in Montréal. It's an artistic experimental film that I co-directed with the multi disciplinary artist Jérôme Bertrand in 2004. The soundtrack is from Manhattan Love Suicides.

Thursday may 42006, at Zeke’s Gallery (3955 St-Laurent, Montréal), door : 20h / screening : 21h, 3$. International and local short film. Erotics, experimentasl and subversives.

For more information visit :

Hélène Fleury painter sculptor artist

Website design for the painter sculptor artist
Hélène Fleury.

Hélène Fleury - design de site internet

More info at :
Hélène Fleury painter sculptor artist
contemporary realism

Zordax II : The Metal War

My short post nuclear movie Zordax II : The Metal War is on the official selection for Vitesse Lumière the fantastic film and video festival in Québec City from june 8 to 11 2006.


To fit with the new Surcharge record "Au Bar Chez Satan". I've designed a new web site with an infernal rock n' roll groove to it.

Surcharge - design de site internet

More info at (in french) :

The new website for the painter and sculptor artist Jean Pronovost is online.

Site de l'artiste peintre et sculpteur Jean Pronovost

Air Guitar Heroes

Thanks to everybody who came to see the show on january 28 in Quebec city. It was a blast!

Air Guitar Guitar Heroes is a air guitar band, so it's a whole set of lip sync madness. The band members are :
Simon Lacroix (the father of Esbark)
MIKE WATERS (Metal singer)
Carnior (Film maker, ex-Phylactère Cola)
Syl Disjonk (former Disjonktation)

Notice that the event was 100% Fuck All approuved by Mike Waters.

More info at :
(in french)

RattengotherRattengother lancement du DVD

Rattengother the punk band from Quebec city, got a new DVD, called "Live And Dead", Featuring 2 videoclips directed by Syl Disjonk!

The DVD include :

- 1 full show (filmed with 4 cameras and with 8 audio tracks)

- 1 video clip for the new song "United"

Capitaine d'Youville - La Fouarré est Bonne !- 2 videos extra clips :
(directed by Syl Disjonk)

- 1 show (the famous show when opening for Subhumans)

And some exta silly stuff !!!


MemoriuM - Metal PURIST FOREVER 13
A new website I designed. More METAL than this band from Québec city you DIE !. MEMORIUM : Metal Purist Forever :

Air Guitar Hereos

An interview (in french) with Air Guitar Hereos is online here on the Radio-Canada website

Here's the air guitar band, Air Guitar Hereos lineup :
Simon Lacroix (The father of Esbark)
Carnior (Ex-Phylactère Cola)
Syl Disjonk (Ex-Disjonktation)

Air Guitar Hereos

To learn more about Air Guitar visit :

Cyanimage - Computer graphics by Gaétan Brisson

Cyanimage computer art

I made the integration of the site which shows us the 3d computer graphics of the artist Gaetan Brisson, a gallery of fantastic, surrealist and symbolic works.
A must see!!!


Z0RDAX II :The Metal WAR

Zordax II : The METAL WAR

ZordAx my short post-nuclear movie project is shot. Starring : MIKE WATERS, Tolga-Mart Karaer, Cristo Lepovsky, Cathia Deland, Éloîse, Arianne St-Jacques Fournier, Hans Gauthier, Simon Lacroix, Carnior, Syl Disjonk.

Thierry Bouffard and Carnior give me a serious help behind the camera to give life to this post-apocalyptic universe.

Costumes by Valérie Gagnon-Hamel. Domenica Engel provided me the machines and tools for the laboratory and Jean Pronovost provided me some props.

The worinking title of the movie is :

ZORDAX II : The Metal War



Syl Disjonk : Freelance computer graphics artist